L. Victoria Meier

No Time Limit for Certain Probates

Mon - June 23, 2014
New Law Clarifies Summary Administration of Small Estates.

New Proposed Regulation Limiting IRA Rollovers

Wed - June 11, 2014
Category: Commentary

“RMD (MRD)”: what, when, and why?

Wed - June 01, 2016
Category: Commentary
MRD, or RMD as they are sometimes called, refers to the minimum required distribution that a participant in a tax favored plan must take annually from their tax favored retirement plan.

Burial or Cremation?  Who Gets to Choose?

Category: Case Studies
Do you want your body cremated or buried when you die? If you feel strongly about how your body will be disposed of, then you should take action to ensure that you have your wishes known in a manner recognized by Idaho law.
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